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Enjoy paying.

Get whatever you want with boon. Whenever and wherever you want – with your smart device.

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Your money is your business.

Why would you let others decide what you do with your finances? With boon. you always have your money under control. Because boon. is your reliable, innovative and uncomplicated payment app.

Stay globally independent.

With boon. you are not tied to a bank, which means you don't need a new credit card. You can pay quickly, easily and securely – online, on mobile and worldwide.

boon. on your smart devices.

Get boon. on your smartphone or wearable. Just a few steps and boon. works. You can pay with the following wallet providers – wherever contactless payment with Mastercard is accepted.

boon. is simply secure.

As easy as boon. is for you to use, as safe as it is as well. boon. protects your personal details exceptionally well. This is ensured by special security technology that forwards all payment information in encrypted form.

Get boon. for fast and easy payments.

boon. with Apple Pay.

Enjoy all the benefits of boon. using Apple Pay. Apple Pay is the faster and safer way to pay in shops or online with your iPhone and Apple Watch.

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boon. with Google Pay™.

With the boon. app and Google Pay, you can make contactless payments at your favorite local store or shop online at your convenience – with maximum security at all times.

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boon. with Fitbit Pay.

From buying water after workouts to getting coffee on your commute, Fitbit Pay lets you pay on-the-go – right from your watch. Fitbit Pay is offered by more than 100 banks and financial institutions in 19 countries.

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boon. with Garmin Pay.

No cash? No problem. With Garmin Pay™ contactless payment solution, you can leave your wallet or even your smartphone at home, and make purchases using only your smartwatch. It’s available almost anywhere you can tap your card.

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boon. with SwatchPAY!

SwatchPAY! is a fast payment system, doesn’t need batteries to work and is water-resistant. It’s easy to link a card to your watch and you can have more than one watch in your account, making it easy to organize your expenses.

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boon. with wena by Sony.

Time for a smarter watch. Choose a wena wrist pro or wena wrist active smart band, combine it with your precious watch or a new watch face, then discover a whole range of smart functions without compromising tradition.

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Your app for mobile payments

  • Pay easily, contactless, worldwide and independently of banks
  • For Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay
  • Get virtual boon. prepaid Mastercard for online and in-app payments
  • Send money to other boon. users
  • Top up your account by bank transfer and credit card
1,49 € / month
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