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boon. is a payment app that allows you to make payments using your smartphone or smartwatch. If you would like to make a payment in the store using boon., simply add your boon. Card to your smartphone wallet, unlock your phone and hold it over the terminal. You can also use boon.for making online and in-app payments.

You can use boon. to make payments at any contactless terminal (NFC) that accepts Mastercard at home or abroad. You can also use your boon. Card for online and in-app payments.

boon. BASIC customers in Germany, France and Spain are limited to domestic transactions only. Users can simply upgrade to boon. PLUS free of charge to remove this restriction and be able to pay with boon. worldwide.

boon. offers a variety of benefits:

  • Secure, easy, smart payments by smartphone or smartwatch
  • Overview of all transactions
  • Retailer does not see your bank or credit card details
  • boon. can be used immediately
  • Top up by credit card and your balance is available immediately on your boon. account
  • boon. can be used with all mobile phone providers

boon. is supported on all iPhones running iOS 11 (or later). However, to add boon. to Apple Wallet, some countries require the latest iOS version.
The app is available in the App Store in Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria and Switzerland.

Boon. is available in the Google Play Store for all smartphones with Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher in Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Slovakia.

You can also add boon. to a variety of smartwatches.

If your country or device is not listed yet, please be patient; we are trying to cover as many countries and operating systems as possible.

You can recognise a contactless terminal from the NFC symbol displayed on it.

The symbol may be on the top, on the side or depicted as a small image on the display, depending on the terminal. Some shops may also have a PayPass or Apple Pay logo displayed at the entrance.

In the boon. Card menu, you'll find an option ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ or ‘Add to Google Pay’, depending on your operating system. Please tap there and follow further instructions to add your boon. Card to your device. Once your card has been successfully added you can select it as a preferred payment card.

To make contactless payments with an iOS device simply add your boon. Card to Apple Wallet, hold your iPhone over the terminal display and place your finger on the Touch ID sensor or double-click the side button, if you have Face ID enabled. On Apple Watch, double-click the side button and hold the watch up to the reader.

With an Android device simply unlock your smartphone and hold close to the contactless terminal – done! You will receive a push notification for the successful payment. For payments below 25€ it is even sufficient to simply wake your phone up and hold it close to the contactless terminal.

To pay online, just use your boon. Card details in the app during the normal checkout process.

The boon. Card is a credit card including CVC code and expiry date, which you can use as normal during checkout while shopping online. The amount charged is deducted from your boon. balance. You can find your card details in the boon. Card menu.

After your registration, there is a 3 month free trial period; afterwards boon. costs €/CHF/£ 1.49 per month.

Android users can see their remaining trial period displayed in the 'Account' menu. In addition, shortly before your free trial period expires, we inform you by email to remind you of the upcoming fee.

For a complete overview of costs, maximum balance and top-up limits, please visit our page "Conditions" from the menu above for your selected country.

After the free trial period, the monthly fee of 1,49 €/£/CHF will automatically be deducted from your boon. account. If no sufficient balance is available, your boon. account will show a negative balance and you will require to top up manually before being able to use boon. again.

Please understand that you are required to pay and outstanding fees. If you wish to not use boon. anymore, please assure you cancel the account through our cancellation process.

We run campaigns periodically, like cashback on top-up or spending, to help to compensate you for the fee.

boon. can be used without an active Internet connection.

It is not possible to withdraw money from cash machines using boon.

Google Pay is the fast, simple way to pay in millions of places – online, in stores, and more. It brings together everything you need at checkout and keeps your payment info safe in your Google account until you are ready to pay.

boon. with Google Pay is available in Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain for all smartphones with Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher.

Google Pay is pre-installed on selected devices. If your device does not have the app, simply download it from the Google Play Store. Google Pay requires that you sign in to your Google account before registering a credit or debit card.

Apple and Android Watches, Fitbit (Ionic or Versa) and Garmin Pay (vívoactive® 3, Forerunner® 645 or fēnix® 5) are supported in most boon.countries.

In Austria boon. supports only Apple Watches for the moment.

SwatchPAY! is available for boon. in Switzerland.

wena pay (wena wrist pro and wena wrist active) is supported in Ireland and the UK.

In order to use boon. with Fitbit Pay, download the Fitbit app. Open the app on your Fitbit watch (Ionic or Versa). Tap ‘Wallet’ and follow the instructions to add your virtual boon. Card. Enter the card details which can be found under ‘boon. Card’ in your boon. app. Once your boon. Card is added successfully to the Fitbit Wallet, you can use boon. to make payments with Fitbit Pay.

Fitbit is available for boon. in Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

boon. with Garmin Pay™ works simply by downloading the Garmin Connect app. Open the app and pair it using Bluetooth. Then select Garmin Pay™ and follow the on-screen instructions to enter the card information which can be found under ‘boon. Card’ in your boon. app. Now you can select the card on your watch when you make a payment.

You can use your vívoactive® 3, Forerunner® 645 or fēnix® 5 smartwatch from Garmin to pay with boon. in Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

A SwatchPAY! Watch is a Swatch you can pay with! The watch uses a virtual card, linked to a real payment card.

To link your payment card to your SwatchPAY! Watch you need to go to one of the selected Swatch stores and use an available SwatchPAY! Box. Visit to find out more about the selected stores.

In order to use boon. with wena by Sony, download the wena app to your phone and connect the app to your wena wrist pro or wena wrist active. Open 'wena pay' from the wena app menu and create an account. Afterwards, push 'ADD CARD' and follow the instructions to add your virtual boon. Card. Enter the card details which can be found in the [boon. Card] menu. Once your boon. Card is added successfully to your wena app, you can use boon. to make payments with Sony wena.

To make payments simply push the power key three times until the card icon is displayed. Payment is activated after 2 seconds from here and for 60 seconds with a visible countdown.

Android smartwatches can be used if they support NFC transactions, use the Wear OS operating system and have Google Pay installed.

After setting up boon. on your smartphone, you need to add your boon. Card to the Google Pay wallet of your smartwatch. Screen lock must be enabled on your smartwatch for security purposes.

For performing payments, activate Google Pay on your smartwatch and simply hold it on the contactless payment terminal and wait until the terminal confirms the payment. For the moment, it is available in Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

As neither Apple nor Google Store allow you to use an older app version, it is not possible to switch back once you have carried out the update.

If you have any feedback (for example regarding the new design), please feel free to write to us at

‘Boon’ means ‘benefit’ and reflects what boon. is meant for: being a benefit for your daily life in all payment activities.


You can upgrade to boon. PLUS for free via the app or by sending an email to the service team. To upgrade, you need to submit documents for your address and identity verification.

Address verification:
You can submit:
One colour scanned or photographed copy of the original documents
Two online documents / monthly statements from two different providers that you may have received via email. Screenshots cannot be accepted as proof.

Please choose from the following documents:

  • Identity card (front and back of the card; it should have your address on it)
  • Residence permit

Documents that can be up to 12 months old:

  • Tax assessment from the tax office
  • Application for local taxes (Spain only)

Documents that can be up to 3 months old:

  • Bill (e.g. electricity, landline, water) or letter from your utility provider; mobile phone bills are not accepted.
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Judicial order (e.g. execution of a will, letter from an insolvency administrator)
  • Proof of official benefits (e.g. housing allowance, tax credit, pension payment)
  • Registration certificate

Identity verification:

  • Please provide us with a colour scanned or photographed copy of one of the documents listed below (all four corners of the document must be visible):
  • Passport
  • Identity card (cannot be used to verify identity if being used to verify address)
  • Residence permit (cannot be used to verify identity if being used to verify address)
  • Driving licence

It may take up to two business days to verify your documents and upgrade. You will receive a push notification when your account is upgraded to boon. PLUS.

To upgrade, you need to submit documents to verify your address and identity. We are only allowed to accept very specific documents and strict rules apply (e.g. must be colored, all corners visible, ...).

If we are unable to verify your address and identity, we must decline your request but will notify you by email as to why we couldn't accept it.

For security and legal reasons the boon. app will ask you to enter your mobile number and some personal details such as your name, date of birth, home address and email address.

The minimum age for using boon. is 18.

My Account

There is no limit on how much you can spend with a single transaction, besides your available account balance.

However, boon. is a prepaid virtual card, so you can only spend your credit. Any transaction where the amount exceeds your credit will be rejected automatically.

For a complete overview of top-up methods, costs, maximum balance and top-up limits, please visit our page "Conditions" from the menu above for your selected country.

For a complete overview of top-up methods, costs, maximum balance and limits for top-ups or payments, please visit our page "Conditions" from the menu above for your selected country.

You can top up your boon. account with a 3D Secure enabled Mastercard or Visa credit card almost instantly

Most countries also offer top up by bank transfer which takes up to 2 working days. A push notification is sent once the transfer has been credited to your boon. account.

For a complete overview of top-up methods, costs, maximum balance and top-up limits, please visit our page "Conditions" from the menu above for your selected country.

You can add your credit card directly in the top up by credit card or auto top up menu.

If it is your first card, you will see the 'Add credit card' option at the very top, which will then guide you through the process.

If you've already added a card, you will see a small arrow to the right of your card, which allows you to either add another card ('Add'), or remove any added cards ('Edit').

With the auto top-up feature you can make sure that you never run out of credit. Simply set a certain threshold and a top-up amount; every time your balance falls below this threshold your balance will be automatically topped up with the amount you chose.

You can find the ‘Auto top-up’ feature by tapping the highlighted central button on the tab bar.

If you're registered to a country within the Euro zone, your account number (IBAN) is under top-up methods in the 'Bank transfer' menu. There you can also see your remaining limit. Top-ups by bank transfer are usually credited within 2 working days.

Transfers through IBAN are not available if you're registered to the British card programme. For boon. PLUS users, we also offer the option of Faster Payments, which will be visible under top-up methods in the 'Bank transfer' menu, where you will see your account number and sort code. It will also show you your remaining limit for the day. Top-ups by Faster Payments are usually credited within 2 hours.

Bank transfers are not supported for Swiss customers and therefore there is neither a account number nor IBAN visible within the App.

As a boon. BASIC customer, you can only receive transfers from accounts in your name. As a boon. PLUS customer, you can also receive transfers from third-party accounts.

Third-party services like Currency Cloud and Transferwise are not supported.

For a complete overview of top-up methods, costs, maximum balance and top-up limits, please visit our page "Conditions" from the menu above for your selected country.

We are legally obliged to ensure the set limits are adhered to. Therefore any transfer by a third party to a boon. BASIC account, or any transfer which exceeds your limit, will be blocked on our side.

If such an amount has been transferred to your account, then our service team will contact you by email and either assist you with a free upgrade to boon. PLUS and finalize your transfer. If no upgrade happens we will return your funds to the sender account within a few days.

For a complete overview of top-up methods, costs, maximum balance and top-up limits, please visit our page "Conditions" from the menu above for your selected country.

Please note that it is not possible to top up using a prepaid card.

boon. PLUS users can send money to and receive money from other boon. PLUS users. To use this feature, just tap the middle blue button on the home screen and then ‘Send money’. You can then select a recipient by choosing their mobile number.

Please understand that due to legal constraints this feature is not available for Swiss customers.

For a complete overview of sending and receiving limits, costs, maximum balance and top-up limits, please see page for Fees & Limits.

Transfers to bank accounts or to third-party services are not supported. If you require your balance to be returned to one of your bank accounts, our service team is happy to help.

If a payment with boon. fails, please first open the app and check your balance (as boon. can only be used if you have sufficient funds on your account).

Customers from Germany, France and Spain are also limited to domestic payments only until they have upgraded to boon. PLUS.

Also, please check if boon. has been added as preferred payment option in your device wallet.

If you are still experiencing problems with payment, please contact our service team.

Reserved amounts are amounts that have been ‘set aside’ by the retailer, but have not yet been deducted. You won’t usually see these amounts, but sometimes it can take a long time for a transaction to be completed.

boon. is not tied to any particular smartphone. Identification takes place using your phone number, so changing your mobile phone is not a problem. As soon as you have installed boon. on a new smartphone, you can log in with your existing login details. Minimum system requirements still apply.

If you are changing your operating system between iOS and Android, please contact our service team.

If you change your mobile number, you can easily change your username (which for boon. is your mobile number) by contacting our service team.

You will see your latest transactions directly in the overview and can access more by scrolling up. By tapping on individual entries you can also see the transaction details.

For your monthly statements, please open the Settings menu and go to 'Statements'.

In the login area, choose ‘Forgot your password?’. To reset your password, you need to answer the security question that you chose when you registered. You will then receive a new password by text message which you can use to log in once. You can then set a new password.

You can update your address and email anytime within the app under 'Personal details'.

To change your name, date of birth, country or phone number, please contact our service team.

It's only possible to change the country if the currency remains the same. Otherwise, you have to delete your account and register again.

To change your password, select 'Account' and 'Login & security'.

For security reasons the PIN is not saved within the app. To change your card PIN go to the boon. Card menu and select ‘Change boon. Card PIN’. With an active internet connection the PIN will be available immediately.

You can activate or deactivate your boon. Card for online payments anytime. Android users find it within 'Account' under 'Online Limits', iOS users in the boon. Card menu.

If you encounter any problems using your boon. Card for online payments, always confirm that it has been set to 'Active'.

The answer to your security question is not stored in the app. It's just safer. Once you forget it, just set a new question and answer. Go in the menu 'Account' to 'Login & Security'.

If you can't change your security question and answer there, contact your boon.service team. They can help you.

Your password provides a first line of defence, but if you do lose your phone or have it stolen, you should lock your boon. account as quickly as possible.

The international emergency number to lock your account/card is: 00800 94 73 22 70

The phone numbers for our customer service team can be found in the "contact" page below.

Apple users can also use the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature to disable Apple Pay via Lost Mode.

When you register, a prepaid account is set up in the background. Therefore, money is not stored on your device as is the case with chip cards or cash cards.

You can use your boon. Card for Transport for London as you can use it at any contactless payment terminal.

If your boon. Card has been locked for Transport for London, you can unlock it by logging in at (or sign up if necessary) and adding your credit card details.

Paying with boon. should not only be fast and practical, it should also be fun! We therefore work continuously to come up with new, fun promotions that reward you for using boon. (e.g. cashback).

We hope to bring you regular promotions in the future to give you some incentive for using boon. on a regular basis. You can find current promotions within the app under ‘Promotions’.

In some cases, it might take a while before promotional offers (e.g. cashback) appear in the app. As it also counts towards your monthly limit, in the case that you reached yours already, the bonus will automatically be credited at the beginning of the next month.

If you feel you have not received your bonus due to an error, please reach out to our service team.

You don't want to use the app anymore? What a pity. Please keep in mind that your account is not automatically deleted when you uninstall your app.

In the menu 'Account' you will find the option 'Delete account' at the bottom. There you can also specify an account to which your remaining balance, if any, should be paid out.

If you can't use this option for any reason, contact your boon.service team with a short, informal email with the following information:

  • Your mobile phone number
  • The answer to your security question
  • If you have a remaining balance and wish to withdraw, the IBAN of a bank account to which you wish us to transfer it*.

* Do you still have more than 40 €/CHF/£ on your account? Then please also send us a coloured picture or screenshot of your last account statement from the destination account, clearly showing your name, date and IBAN. Other information may be blacked out.

If your account is in negative you have to settle it before you can terminate it. Processing your cancellation may take a few days. We will inform you as soon as the process is completed. Please note that you can no longer use your account once your cancellation has been processed. In addition, cancelled accounts cannot be reactivated.

Data Protection and Security

Payments are very secure. The retailer does not see your bank details or the credit card details that you have used to top up your boon. account. This also applies to the details associated with your boon. Card.

iOS security feature:
If you use an iPhone you have to press the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, or verify yourself by Face ID, every time you pay.

Google Pay security feature:
Google Pay protects your payment info with multiple layers of security, using one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures to help keep your information safe.

Sometimes transactions can appear in your transaction history a few days later, as well as some merchants bill under cryptic names.

If you are unsure of a payment and want to challenge it, please contact our service team; they can help you to secure your account and inform you about the necessary steps to challenge a payment.

Your data privacy is our utmost responsibility, and we adhere to very strict protocols to keep your information safe and encrypted at all times.

We use your data responsibly in order to solve queries and other issues related to your account as well as to organise upgrades. We also use some of your information, such as your email address, to send information about legal matters and any fee-related changes. For more details, please read our data privacy policy.

To protect your account, boon. only stays active in the background for a few minutes and then requires you to log in again. If you wish to speed up the login process, you can add your fingerprint or face id to boon. under 'Settings' and 'Login & security'.

You can log in and be active with multiple devices at the same time.

If your account has been locked, it means something went wrong and your account has probably been suspended to prevent any risk to your account. Please contact our service team to verify the reason why your account has been locked and restore your access to it.

If you entered the wrong password too many times, you can unlock your account yourself by clicking on 'Forgot password?'


3D Secure is a security standard used for credit card transactions. This authentication procedure ensures that the legal cardholder and the legal retailer are the participants in a transaction. It is an effective means of reducing the risk of fraud. If a credit card holder has registered with the 3D Secure process via one of the registration methods, they will be forwarded to their bank during the top-up process, where they need to confirm the payment before it can proceed.

NFC stands for ‘near field communication’ and is an international standard used to exchange data between two devices without a direct cable connection.

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