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Pay with a flick of the wrist.

Have you ever paid with your smartwatch? No? Now is the time because adding your boon.card to your smartwatch is as easy as ABC.

Published on 20 Sep '19

Leave your house without a smartphone and purse and still pay on the go. Sounds cool and makes life a bit easier – don’t you think?

Contactless payment in many stores and restaurants worldwide

With boon. and your smartwatch you can pay wherever contactless payment with Mastercard is accepted. Just look for the contactless payment symbol in retail stores.

♡ boon. and your smartwatch – a true love story♡

You can set up boon. on your smartwatch in just a few steps.

  1. Download boon. from the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on country availability in your country, and sign up.

  2. Add your boon.card to your wallet or enter the boon.card information in the app on your smartwatch. *

  3. Once you have added your card details to your wallet of choice, you are all set up to pay. Simply click on the logo of your smartwatch to learn how the payment process with boon. and your smartwatch works.

Our tip: get verified now for boon.PLUS to benefit from higher top-up and spending limits.

boon. on your smartwatch

*Click on the logo on your smartwatch to find out whether you can use boon. in your country and which conditions apply for using boon. on your smartwatch.