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With boon.PLANET, you have a full-fledged bank account with an IBAN, including a virtual debit Mastercard. You can make contactless payments, perform bank transfers and send money in real time.

And if you wish, you can also get the plastic boon.Card free of charge. With this, you can also make payments without your smartphone or withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide.

boon.PLANET offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Quick, convenient payments via smartphone, smartwatch or your boon.Card
  • An overview of your transactions
  • Option to send money to your boon.PLANET account quickly and conveniently by credit card or bank transfer
  • Possibility to send money to your friends by bank transfer – or via instant transfer to other boon. or boon.PLANET users

boon. works on all iPhones running iOS 11 (or later). You need the latest version of iOS for Apple Pay.

boon. is available in the Google Play Store for Android devices running Lollipop 5.0 or later.

Oh, and you can of course link your boon.Card to lots of smartwatches.

The app is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store in Germany.

You can recognise a contactless terminal from the NFC symbol displayed on it:

The symbol may be on the top, on the side or depicted as a small image on the display, depending on the terminal. Some shops may also have a PayPass or Apple Pay logo displayed at the entrance.

Have you already added your virtual boon.Card to your wallet? Great!

If you’re an Apple user, hold your iPhone over the display on the payment terminal and place your finger on the Touch ID sensor. If you would like to pay using Face ID, press the side button twice.
To pay with your Apple Watch, press the side button twice and hold your watch against the reader.

Do you have an Android smartphone? Then, simply unlock it, and hold it approx. 1 cm over the terminal. That’s it! Don’t forget to activate NFC on your smartphone first.

Do you have a boon.Card? Simply place it on the terminal, and – if necessary – enter your boon.Card PIN to confirm the payment. When making your first payment with your card, you will need to insert it and enter your PIN. NFC functionality will subsequently be enabled for contactless payments.

Do you want to have a plastic card in addition to your virtual card? No problem. It’s easy to order one at any time through the boon.PLANET app. Go to ‘Order card’ in the top right of the ‘Account’ menu and follow the instructions there. Your plastic boon.Card serves as an addition to your virtual boon.Card. You will therefore have two debit-card numbers, which you can use as you wish.

In addition to making contactless payments in-store and online purchases, you can also withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide using your boon.Card. You can also add the card number to your wallets, of course.

Your virtual boon.Card is a credit card with a CVC code and expiry date. You can use it to pay for online shopping, like with any other card. When you add it to Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can make contactless payments using your smartphone or smartwatch. The money is always debited directly from your account.

The boon.Card (plastic card) is a debit Mastercard. It can do everything your virtual card can do. You can also use it to withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide.

With the boon.Card (plastic card), you can withdraw cash from all ATMs worldwide, including by contactless means.

Insert your boon.Card into or hold it up to the ATM in question. Enter your PIN, and that’s it. You can find your PIN in the menu for your boon.Card.

A fee of 2 Euro applies for each withdrawal; If it is in a different currency, the fee is 4 Euro. You can find more information here: Fees and limits.

The most common reason for a withdrawal to fail is that you have exceeded your limit. Or perhaps you are trying to withdraw more money than you have in your account? Make sure to consider the fee for making a withdrawal. You can find all relevant information on the Fees and limits page.

Also, please have a look if you have manually restricted or deactivated withdrawals from ATMs. Check in the ‘Limits’ section in the ‘Account’ menu.

boon.PLANET is free of charge for you. You can also order the boon.Card at no cost. You can find an overview of the spending and top-up limits as well as all fees in the ‘Fees and limits’ section.

With boon., you can send annoying fees packing – forever. You can use boon. worldwide without any foreign transaction fees. Because boon. can be used worldwide without any foreign transaction fee or other surcharges on the exchange rate.

We use the average exchange rate by MasterCard, which is calculated on a daily basis.

Tap on ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ or ‘Add to Google Pay’ in the menu for your virtual boon.Card. Your phone will then guide you through all the necessary steps.

You can also link your boon.Card for making contactless payments with third-party providers. To do this, enter the card details manually in the relevant wallet.

With boon.PLANET, you can only make contactless payments on your smartphone using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Smartwatches from Fitbit and Garmin have their own payment systems and therefore also work without Apple Pay or Google Pay.

You can make payments online using your card details or with your boon.Card whenever and wherever you like.

Sending or receiving money, either via instant transfer or standard bank transfer, is also possible independently of Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Link your boon.Card to the smartwatch of your choice:

  • Apple Watches running watchOS 2 or later
  • Watches with Android Wear and NFC functionality
  • Fitbit (Ionic, Versa)
  • Garmin (vívoactive® 3, Forerunner® 645, fēnix® 5)

If you have a Fitbit smartwatch (Ionic or Versa), you can easily use it to make contactless payments. Simply install the Fitbit app, open it, and tap on ‘Wallet’. Follow the instructions provided there, and add your boon.Card. You can find the details you need in the menu for your boon.Card.

Simply install Garmin Connect app, open it, and pair your Garmin Smartwatch, vívoactive® 3, Forerunner® 645 or fēnix® 5 via Bluetooth. Select Garmin Pay™, then follow the instructions provided to add your boon.Card.

You can find your card details in the menu for your boon.Card.

Do you have an Android smartwatch that is capable of NFC transactions and that runs the Wear OS operating system, and do you have Google Pay installed? Then you can use your boon.Card!

Simply add your boon.Card to the Google Pay wallet on your smartwatch. You will also need to activate the screen lock on your smartwatch.

Activate Google Pay on your smartwatch, and that’s it. To make a payment, simply hold the watch up to the contactless payment terminal.

The word ‘boon’ means something that is helpful or advantageous. And this is exactly what boon. sets out to be: helpful to you for making everyday payments.


Some information is essential for registration. We need your mobile phone number and personal details, including your name, date of birth, address and email address.

We will also ask for your profession and tax number. You also need to authenticate yourself via video chat. This may seem like a lot, but it’s to ensure your own security. After all, you will get a full-featured bank account, so we need to ask for all of this information.

Do you want to close your old account and transfer your balance, existing direct debits and standing orders to your boon.PLANET account? We are happy to help you with this!

Simply fill out the form here and send it to your boon.PLANET service team.

boon. automatically selects the language setting for your device. After you change the language for your device, the language setting for boon. will change automatically the next time you log in.

boon. supports German and English.

You need to be at least 18 years of age to have an account. Minors are not permitted to open an account, even if they have parental consent.

Does your video authentication fail due to technical problems? Then wait 30 minutes, and try again. If you log in to boon.PLANET, the app will automatically try to restart the authentication process.

If your documents cannot be accepted by the IDNow team, please fill out the form here and send it to your boon.PLANET service team.

Simply send us an email or give us a call. You can find all the contact details and service times in the app under Telephone and email.

Safety first, so the service team needs to make sure that you’re really you. You will need to confirm your first name, last name and mobile phone number and answer your security question.

My Account

You cannot make a payment if you have an insufficient balance in your account.

The amount of money you can spend per transaction depends on your available balance and limits. You can find all the information on our Fees and limits page.

You can find all the information about top-up methods, fees and limits on our Fees and limits page.

You can easily set your spend limits in the ‘Account’ menu.

Here, you can deactivate withdrawals or set your own limit in increments of 100 € .

You can top-up your boon.PLANET account in several ways:

  • Use the ‘Top-up’ option in the transfer menu to top-up your boon.PLANET account via credit card.
  • Make bank transfers from other accounts to your boon.PLANET IBAN. You can find these in the ‘Account’ menu.
  • Use boon.PLANET as your main account and get your employer to transfer your salary here.
  • Receive money from other boon.PLANET users. This is very simple and you will receive the money immediately.
  • Go to the Top-up menu. You can enter new card details via scan or manually (or via NFC in the case of Android).

    Click on the arrow beside a card at any time to add another card or to remove one.

    You can find your IBAN at the very top in the Account menu, just under your boon.PLANET cards.

    Bank transfers within the euro area are free of charge. There is a charge of 10 € for incoming SWIFT transactions. Outgoing SWIFT transactions are not supported.

    You cannot use prepaid cards to top-up boon.

    For funds on your boon.PLANET account you will receive interest of 0.75% p.a., with monthly crediting. You will receive this interest rate on up to 10,000 €; if you have more money in your account, the rest will be subject to 0% interest.

    Every natural person who is liable to tax in Germany may receive interest income of max. 801.00 Euro per calendar year tax-free. You can distribute this amount over your various accounts.

    To benefit from this with boon.PLANET as well, fill out the exemption form here and send it filled out and signed to your boon.PLANET service team by mail or email.

    Your exemption order is always valid for the entire calendar year, i.e. it is always valid from 01.01. of a year until 31.12., or until you send us a new application. If you send it during the year, it will take effect retroactively from 01.01. .

    Do you want to send money to friends quickly and conveniently? If they also use boon. or boon.PLANET, this is very simple! If you’ve got them saved in your contacts, you will see them displayed in the app under ‘Transactions’. Click on the entry here, and you can send the money along with a brief note for the recipient. That’s it! The money will arrive immediately, so there is no annoying waiting around.

    Users of boon. need to be verified for boon.PLUS in order to send and receive money.

    boon. and boon.PLANET are separate products and independent of each other. You can register for both individually and, if you wish, use both products simultaneously.

    Once you both products and you have verified yourself for boon.PLUS, you can easily move your balance between your two accounts in real time using the function 'Send money'.

    If you no longer wish to use either of them, please cancel it in the respective app in the 'Account' menu using the 'Cancel account' function.

    boon.PLANET can do everything boon. does – and much more!

    Make payments quickly and conveniently using your virtual boon.Card. Enjoy the benefits of a real bank account, and carry out bank transfers and standing orders. You can also optionally get the plastic boon.Card to make payments without your smartphone and withdraw cash worldwide. You can use both apps for free!

    Do you want to send money to other boon.users? First, synchronise your contacts list. boon. provides this option when the relevant menu is opened for the first time. You can repeat this at any time by dragging down the contacts list at the top.

    In any case, the app needs the permission to access your contacts list. You may be directed to your device settings to do this.

    Do you want to change an existing contact? Simply click on the ‘i’ symbol in the small circle beside the entry.

    You can edit the name and IBAN of a contact or completely delete the contact.

    The telephone number has to be edited within your telephone book. Then, simply synchronize the contacts list in boon.PLANET again.

    To keep your contacts list uncluttered, we only import contacts with a boon.PLANET account or who have been verified for boon.PLUS. The users also need to have activated the ‘Receive money’ option.

    Are you missing a contact? Check whether the telephone number matches your friend’s boon.Account, and synchronise the list again.

    You can find the ‘Receive money’ option under ‘Privacy’ in the ‘Account’ menu. If you deactivate this, you will no longer appear as a boon.user to others.

    Exception: If you send money to another user, this person will see your name and mobile number.

    Open the ‘Transactions’ menu and enter either the name or IBAN of the recipient in the recipient field. Have you already saved them as a contact? Then simply select them from the contacts list.

    Next, enter the information required and the amount you want to send – along with a reference note if you wish. You can set when and, if applicable, how often the bank transfer should be made here. Bank transfers can only be sent within the SEPA region.

    If the contact has both a telephone number and an IBAN, you will be asked how you want to initiate the transfer. Using the telephone number, you can send money to another boon. or boon.PLANET account in real time. Using the IBAN, you can make bank transfers to accounts at other banks. This will take one banking day.

    Don’t panic! Are you performing a bank transfer? Please check the details you entered. A typo in the IBAN can result in an error here.

    Are you trying to send money to another boon. or boon.PLANET user? This user may already have reached their current limit for receiving money, or they may have deactivated the ‘Receive money’ option.

    Are you trying to make a payment with your boon.Card? Check whether the card is locked under ‘Account’ in the card menu. Also check its PIN.

    Otherwise, please contact the boon.PLANET service team. They will be able to take a more detailed look and analyse the situation with you.

    Reserved amounts are payments that have been approved but are still waiting for confirmation or cancellation by a merchant.This can take a few days.

    If the merchant does not take action, the money is automatically released.

    Your account is not linked to a particular phone but to your mobile number. If you install the app on a new device, simply log in there using your existing login details.

    Simply contact the boon.service team. They will be happy to help you link your new number with your account.

    You can view your recent transactions and other entries directly in the overview. Simply scroll down. Would you like more information? Then tap on the individual entries.

    You can find the monthly account statements in the ‘Account’ menu under ‘Account statements’.

    If you’re logged in, open the ‘Login and security’ item in the ‘Account’ menu. You can set a new password here any time you like.

    If you’re unable to log in, select ‘Forgot your password?’ in the login area. Using your security question and your registered mobile phone number, you can set a new password and log in again.

    You can change your address and associated email account in the ‘Account’ menu under ‘Personal details’. If you receive a new tax number, you can change it under ‘Tax details’.

    For all other changes, please contact the boon.PLANET service team.

    You can change the PIN of your virtual boon.Card in its menu using the ‘Change PIN’ option. If you’re online, the new PIN will work immediately.

    You can find the PIN for your boon.Card in its menu. This PIN cannot be modified.

    To change your app PIN, simply go to ‘Login and security’ in the ‘Account’ menu. There you can also set it to your fingerprint.

    The answer to your security question is not stored in the app. This is more secure. If you forget it, you should simply set a new question and answer. Go to ‘Login and security’ in the ‘Account’ menu.

    If you can’t get into your account, please contact the boon.service team. They will be happy to assist you further.

    Have you lost your phone or has it been stolen? Then you should lock your account as soon as possible.

    The international emergency hotline to lock your account or your card is: 00800 9473 2270.

    As an Apple user, you can deactivate Apple Pay using the ‘Find my iPhone’ function through the ‘Lost’ mode.

    If you have lost your boon.Card or if it is stolen, lock it immediately using the function in the menu for your boon.Card.

    You can also order a replacement card there. Your old card will then immediately become invalid.

    If you don’t currently have access to the app, please contact the international hotline number: 00800 9473 2270. This is available around the clock and can help you to lock the app and your boon.Cards.

    You no longer wish to use the app? What a pity! Please bear in mind that your account is not automatically deleted if you uninstall the app.

    You can find the ‘Delete account’ option at the bottom in the 'Account’ menu. If you still have a remaining balance, you can specify an account there to which you would like us to transfer this.

    If you are unable to use this option, please write a short, informal message to the boon.service team with the following information:

    • Your mobile phone number
    • The answer to your security question
    • If you have a remaining balance and would like this to be settled, the IBAN of the bank account to which you would like us to transfer your balance

    Handling your cancellation request may take a few days. We will let you know as soon as everything is done.

    Data Protection and Security

    Payments with boon. are very secure. When you make a payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay or a smartwatch, the merchant does not see your bank details or any details regarding your virtual boon.Card.

    Furthermore, on iOS, you verify each payment via Touch ID or Face ID.

    Google Pay protects your payment information with multiple security levels and one of the world’s most modern security infrastructures.

    You can also log in to the app using your fingerprint. You can set this up under ‘Login and security’ in the ‘Account’ menu.

    iOS users with newer devices can also use Face ID.

    As Android does not yet officially support face recognition, it does not yet work for boon.

    Some transactions take a few days to appear in the app. Also, some merchants use cryptic names for their billing. Take a look at the detailed view of the transaction. Perhaps that might help a little?

    If you would like to dispute a payment, please contact the boon.service team. They will be happy to assist you further.

    Safety first; we follow strict regulations to keep your data secure and encrypted at all times. We only use your data to respond to queries and problems relating to your account or to verify something.

    We use data such as your email address to inform you about legal or product-related matters or about changes to our fees. You can find all the information regarding this in our data privacy policy.

    Oops! Something has gone wrong! We have most likely locked your account or card for security reasons. Please contact the boon.service team.

    Or did you enter an incorrect password too many times? In this case, you can unlock your account yourself by selecting the ‘Forgot your password?’ option in the login area.


    3-D Secure is a security standard for credit-card transactions. The authentication process checks the identity of card holders and merchants when a transaction is made, thus minimising the risk of fraud.

    When you top-up your account by credit card, you will be redirected to the site of your creditcard issuer. You will need to confirm the top-up here before your account is topped up.

    If you are making a payment online using your boon.Card, you will receive a code by SMS. You will need to enter this code during the payment process.

    NFC (near field communication) is an international standard for the contactless exchange of data between two devices.