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It‘s time for SwatchPAY!

Using NFC technology, SwatchPAY! connects stylish watches with your credit card.

High acceptance.

Pay anywhere where contactless payment via NFC is possible.

Just look for the symbol below on the payment terminal.

How to get started

boon. runs on the following devices

  • Blackback Pay!
  • Pastel Pay!
  • Chic Pay!
  • Magic Pay!
Add SwatchPAY! to your boon.App in just a few simple steps.

Download boon.App and SwatchPAY! App.

Download the boon.App and the SwatchPAY! App in the App Store or in the Google Play Store and set up both apps on your smartphone.

Get boon.Card details

Open the boon.App, select "boon.Card" in the navigation and copy your card data to the SwatchPAY! App.

Visit Swatch Store

To link your payment card to your SwatchPAY! Watch you need to go to one of the selected Swatch stores and use an available SwatchPAY! Box. Visit to find out more about the selected stores.

Ready to pay

Now you are ready to pay with boon. and your SwatchPAY! Watch.

Tip: Get your free upgrade to boon. PLUS now. This will allow you to benefit from higher charging and spending limits and much more.

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